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Dr. Stephen Klump
Your Pittsburgh Chiropractor

"When I started care at Klump Chiropractic Center, I was suffering from multiple problems. I
was experiencing low back pain, upper back pain and tingling in my hands and feet. The pain made it
hard for me to sit at my desk and really limited my ability to run, which is my preferred exercise
method. I had been in pain for some 6 to 8 months, and at times the pain was not that bad. Other
times, the pain would be so intense that I could not sit down or continue to do any exercising at all.
The pain would vary depending on the length and intensity of the activity. In order to combat the
pain, I had to either decrease or completely eliminate certain activities. At work, I would have to get
up from my desk and walk around fairly often. I would only do the bare minimum of desk work because
the pain would become so intense I didn’t want to sit at my desk. Often, I would have to completely
eliminate my work-out because I just could not stand the pain associated with it. Even with all
these problems, I did not search for a way to try and control or resolve the pain. I figured that it
would eventually just go way on its own, but that day never came. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr.
Klump at the CMU Health Fair and we discussed my problems and a probable cause. I decided to
find out a little more about chiropractic and see if the problems I was having could be helped in this
way. Dr. Klump showed me specific subluxations, which are bones that are misaligned causing pressure
on surrounding spinal nerves, in my spine. He diagnosed subluxations in my upper back and
lower back and showed me on x-ray how my spine curvatures were not as they are supposed to be.
The results of my chiropractic care have been very good and I have noticed a huge difference
for the better. The pain reduction in the upper back is definitely noticeable, the tingling in the hands
and feet has been eliminated and my low back is feeling ten times better. My work-out regime has
increased progressively since I do not have to deal with the pain anymore and I do not have to limit
my activities. Dr. Klump instructed me on stretches during my course of care and they have become a
daily activity. I am able to work out longer than I have ever been able to and I have NO PAIN. I am
even able to drive long distances or sit at work for long periods with no restrictions. I would recommend
Klump Chiropractic Center to ANYBODY. It has made an enormous help and made a
huge difference in my life."

- Chad P.

"I have lived with nearly continuous pain in my neck for over 20 years, due to an auto accident.
The pain makes it quite uncomfortable for me to be able to play my bass guitar,
which is one of my passions in life. I never knew when my neck would “go out” and
make even the simple task of standing painful! I initially pursued treatment by medical
doctors, but I was repeatedly told, “there is nothing wrong with you.” I had also sought
treatment by other chiropractors with mixed results. I heard about Klump Chiropractic
Center from an employee of mine that was treated by Dr. Klump and highly recommended
him. He explained in very plain terms that I had multiple misalignments to the vertebrae
in my neck. Since being under Dr. Klump’s care, I have had great relief from the pain and
discomfort in my neck. This has allowed me to have a normal life again. Chiropractic care at Klump Chiropractic Center made it possible for me to play my guitar again, without pain! The staff is very personable and is always happy to schedule my appointments, working around my business schedule. I would highly recommend Klump Chiropractic Center and Dr. Klump to anyone who wants to feel better."

- Jim F

"When I started care at Klump Chiropractic Center, I was in pretty bad condition. The pain was severe and it was present everyday. I could not go straight through a full day at work without having to stretch and rest. I could not sit through 10 minutes of class without having to fidget or change position. The pain was in the area between my shoulder blades and a large portion of my low back. I met Dr. Klump at the Wellness Fair at the University of Pittsburgh. We set up an appointment for a complimentary evaluation where we discussed that subluxations in my lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) spine were why I was in such dreadful condition. After a 2 month course of care, It doesn't hurt on a daily basis anymore.
I can sit for extended periods in class and not worry about the pain. I can drive from Pittsburgh to home
and back again completely pain-free! I have also noticed that I have been sleeping better and feel more refreshed in the morning. I can honestly say that finding chiropractic and Dr. Klump at Klump Chiropractic Center was one of the best things that has ever happened to me."

- Katrina A.

"When I found Klump Chiropractic Center, I had suffered from chronic low back pain for years and years and years and years! My work as a chocolatier suffered. I had treated with other chiropractors but I never found a treatment that lasted. I felt that other treatments did not provide any progress for my condition. My chronic state caused me to be tired and less enthusiastic, and took time away from the
things that I wanted to do in life. I then met individuals from Klump Chiropractic at a health fair. They showed me how my body weight was unevenly distributed and how my posture was affected by my misalignments. The interesting thing is what they showed me was exactly how I was feeling!  Dr. Klump later showed me the misalignments and subluxations in my spine, and how parts of my spine were deteriorating. After treating here at Klump Chiropractic Center, my pain is no longer debilitating. I am not pain free, but I probably never will be due to the fact that I did not treat the problems soon enough. Chiropractic is now a life-long thing for me, and I would recommend Klump Chiropractic Center as a great place to start to anyone who is looking for overall good health."

- Marti G.

"I had lower back and neck pain for several years due to the nature of my profession. The pain had been so severe at times that I actually went to the hospital twice for lower back pain so intense I
could hardly move. After fighting with the pain for all those years I came to the conclusion that living with any kind of pain really is not living, it is merely existing. I used to go to another chiropractic office every six or seven months, but my last visit didn't seem to help. The care that I received from that office was
not as aggressive or complete as the care I have experienced at Klump Chiropractic Center with Dr. Klump. I found out about this office through some work colleagues. It was explained to me
how I needed specific chiropractic adjustments in the areas that were causing me pain. The adjustments address the subluxations that are the true cause of the problems I had been experiencing.
Dr. Klump has helped me become pain free in a relatively short period of time. I work hard and play even harder now that I feel well again. Life is good when you don’t experience pain when you get out of bed. In conclusion, I would like to say “thank you and god bless Dr. Stephen Klump”."

- Zach J.


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